Elkins Parks and Recreation Commission Rules and Regulations for All Parks
  1. No activities will be permitted before 8:00 am or after 10:00 pm without prior approval of the EPRC. 
  2. No nails, bolts, or staples, or other hardward shall be driven into building structures, picnic tables, or trees.
  3. If you move picnic tables, move tables back to the original places before you leave.
  4. Use of alcoholic beverages and drugs are not permitted in park areas.
  5. Dispense of all garbage in appropriate containers.
  6. Dogs, cats, and other animals must be on a leash and under control. Owners must dispose of waste immediately.
  7. Indulging in boisterous, threatening, or indecent conduct is not permitted.
  8. Additional charges may be assessed if excessive expenses occur due to cleanup or damage to facilities.
  9. The EPRC and the city of Elkins shall not be liable for any personal injury, including death, or property damage, resulting from the use of City Recreational Facilities for the scheduled and/or unscheduled activity.
  10. There will be no sale or solicitation of food or merchandise in park areas without prior approval of the EPRC.
  11. The EPRC and their authorized representatives have the authority to revoke any and all permits upon finding a violation of any park rules or regulations.
  12. Loitering, which is prohibited, is defined as to create a breach of the peace, disturbance or annoyance to the comfort and repose with any person by conduct including the making of unsolicited remarks of any offensive, disgusting, or insulting nature or which are calculated to annoy or disturb any person in whose hearing they are made.
  13. The EPRC shall promote the health, property, lives, decency, morality, and good order for the general public to abate or cause to be abated all nuisances affecting same.
  14. Pavilion can be reserved in advance by paying fee or used on a first come first served basis if empty. Only EPRC can post reservation signs. All other signs will be removed when a pavilion is open. A person must occupy the pavilion to hold it.
  15. No motor vehicles allowed in park without permission. No overnight camping allowed.
Please try to adhere to the rules stated. If you should have any questions or complaints, contact the EPRC at 304-636-3960.