1.  The EPRC and the City of Elkins shall not be held liable for any personal injury, death, or personal property damage resulting from the use of EPRC property.

2.     Parks are open from daylight until dark. Overnight camping is not allowed.

3.     Threatening, offensive, or indecent behavior is not permitted.

4.  Profane language is not permitted.

5.     Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on park property.

6.     Smoking or vaping is not permitted on or near pavilions, playgrounds, or athletic fields/courts. Cigarette butts must be extinguished and then deposited in a trash can.

7.    No littering. Trash must be properly disposed of into trash cans or dumpsters.

8.    Dogs must be on a leash and under control. Dog waste must be cleaned up immediately.

9Manmade and natural features within the parks may not be altered in any way.

10Any food, beverage, or merchandise sales require prior approval from the EPRC. Alcohol and tobacco products cannot be sold, distributed, or advertised on park property.

11. Vehicles are not allowed in City Park. At Glendale and River Bend Parks, vehicles must stay on paved or gravel surfaces and may only park in the parking lots. In the event that all of the parking lots are completely full, vehicles may park on the grass adjacent to the roadway. Vehicles are never allowed to park on the roadway.

12.  In the event of damage caused by park users, the EPRC reserves the right to charge a fee for restoration, repair, or cleanup.

13. The EPRC maintains the authority to dismiss park users from park property for failing to comply with the park rules.

14. Pavilions may be reserved in advance by submitting a pavilion reservation form (available on the EPRC website or by contacting us) and paying a reservation fee. Only the EPRC can post reservation signs. Any unofficial reservation signs will be removed.

15. If pavilions are vacant, they can be used on a first come, first served basis. A non-reserved pavilion must remain occupied to be claimed. Otherwise, it is open for public use.

16. Nails, screws, staples, or other metal fasteners shall not be driven into pavilions, picnic tables, signs, posts, trees, etc. Any signs, tape, string, rope, or decorations that were used must be removed.

17. If picnic tables were moved, they must be returned to their original places.

18. Vehicles are not normally allowed in City Park. If you intend to use a vehicle to transport supplies to and from the large pavilion during a reservation, please contact the EPRC in advance for authorization and instructions.

 If you have any questions, comments, or problems to report, please call 304-636-3960 or email parksandrecreation@cityofelkinswv.com.